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Conflict develops in all novels and it is necessary to know it as the way they are

showed by the authors. Throughout William Goldings's novel, "Lord of the Flies", the main

conflict is between two opposing forces that are present within all human beings . In spite

of everything, the start of a conflict arises between the savage and the civilized sides of

humans which can be illustrated by Jack's decision not to help Ralph and Simon which

leads to an argument between Ralph and Jack and shows Ralph's inability to maintain


Primarily, Jack just worries about the pig hunt and provide no help in

constructing huts to Ralph and Simon, which made their work harder and the conflict

appears in Ralph against Jack. Jack continues to make failure attempts to kill a pig. Jack

is " streaming with sweat" (50) and " pushed his way through the forest" (50) showing

signs of hopelessness while hunting down the pig.

However, Jack offers no help in

constructing huts to Ralph and Simon. They are " hopeless" (51) to get any assistance

from Jack with one "shaky" (51) and one "ruin" (51) hut. Furthermore, Jack himself

did not care about the boys playing and only cares about hunting. Instead of attracting

other boys to the work, Jack " track down" (51) and thought, " he might kill" (51) a pig.

It indicates that how much Jack supports savagery and doesn't want to be civilized. Thus,

Jack just worries about getting meat for the boys and forgets offering help to Ralph and

Simon and ends up with a conflict between them.

As the conflict intensifies, a verbal argument begins between Ralph and Jack

to convince each other about the way to live on the island. Ralph gets angry that Jack just

likes hunting. When Jack "wounded a pig" (52) and the "spear fell out", (52) it made

Ralph angry and he "shouted in rage" (52) that "he needs shelters" (52). It demonstrates

that Ralph does not prefer hunting but Jack does. On the other hand, Jack tells Ralph that

boys want meat but not shelters. Jack explains Ralph that all the boys want

" something to eat" (56) only if they "could get a pig" (56) which demonstrates that meat

is the first priority for Jack and the other boys on the island. As the argument intensifies,

Jack blames Ralph for literally accusing him for everything. Ralph raising imminent

requirement of shelters made Jack enraged with fury shouts on "accusing" (52), indicates

that the battle between savages and civilize is heating up. Therefore, the verbal argument

between Ralph and Jack contributed to a wider fight between them.

Lastly, Ralph fails to maintain order among boys when he is unsuccessful

to achieve a teamwork with organization and is destroyed by Jack's action. Ralph cannot

make Jack and his hunters do anything about the fire. When Ralph calls for attention to

the hunters if they " remember the fire" (54) and when Jack replies by saying " you and

your fire", it signifies that Jack and his hunters are careless and do not want to burn a fire.

It develops a conflict between Ralph and himself to struggle with the boys. Moreover,

The boys did not want to get rescued from the island. "Jack had to think for a moment

Before he could remember what rescue was" (54) illustrates that he and his hunters do

not want to get out from the island. Ralph cannot make the littleuns work on the huts. The

littleuns are "hopeless" (51) and "they're off bathing, or eating, or playing" (51), clearly

indicates that Ralph is not able to control the boys and is not able to make them work. So,

Ralph was unable to keep consistency in regulating the discipline and order among the


In conclusion, Jack's decision not to help Ralph, the argument between

Ralph and Jack and Ralph's inability to maintain order illustrate the war between the

savages and civilized side, which has started between the boys.