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Executive SummaryFor the advertising campaign is held up to promote the product of Hwa Tai from our company client, Hwa Tai Industries Berhad (HTIB). This campaign objective is bring out the Hwa Tai new image and attracts consumer attention and will go to buy the Hwa Tai products.

Hwa Tai Industries Berhad (HTIB) is one of the premier and long established biscuit manufacturers in Malaysia. Established in 1962 and listed on the Stock Exchange Malaysia in 1992. Since then, this fast expanding company has grown to be one of the largest players in the biscuits industry in the country and produce a fine, wide range of superior quality biscuits. It has been successfully marketed domestically and internationally through HTIB’s own vast and comprehensive distribution network. Hwa Tai biscuits are marketed under the brand name or trademark of “HWA TAI” and “LUXURY”.

Hwa Tai is take pride in their excellent innovation and high quality products which have firmly entrenched us not only in Malaysia but also in over 56 countries around the world.

Hwa Tai is keenly involved in the integrated supply chain of their products, from manufacture to sales to distribution throughout the entire trade channels. Due to Hwa Tai extensive and comprehensive distribution network, their company is also carrying product and brands by other principals for the Malaysian market.

Our Company, CREATION Company is going to advertise and promote Hwa Tai product is Luxury Vegetable Cracker which is new image and products for Hwa Tai. Our company belief Luxury Vegetable Crackers is high quality and product for Hwa Tai. For these product, will attract more public attention.

ObjectiveThe objective of advertising campaign is bring out the Hwa Tai new image to the publics and attracts consumer attention to buy the Hwa Tai products. We bring out the news image of Hwa Tai products, new plan to advertise product of Hwa Tai. This can let consumers know more about Hwa Tai company and also it product. New advertising of Hwa Tai product can inform people about Hwa Tai upcoming products and its’ traditional products.

Target AudienceTarget audience of this campaign is teenagers and working adults. Products of Hwa Tai are more convenient and easy packaging, so it suitable for nowadays teenagers and working adults.

Creative StrategyThe theme of Hwa Tai Luxury products is “To Enjoy”. The slogan of Luxury is “Let Hwa Tai be With You Every Moment”. Our company use posters and magazines to advertise Hwa Tai Luxury product. Through posters and magazines, they can easily show the message to the publics about the Luxury products that we are promoting.

The Luxury vegetable crackers are made from natural ingredients. The Luxury vegetable crackers packaging are convenient for teenagers and working people. It gives people energy regardless of students, working people, or teenagers.

MEDIA PLANPoster AdvertisingAdvertising is a good way to make sure that the product’s of Hwa Tai’s company will have its success. Among the most valuable advertising tools are known as poster which means those essential in order for Hwa Tai’s to gather more attention. Hence, Poster advertising will be the main media plan that is used to advertise Hwa Tai’s products. Products posters are a good way to inform people of upcoming new products. The usefulness of posters is incomparable. Products posters not only can use as advertising tools, but can also use them as promotional tools.

Products posters have designs that can imply what the category of a certain product is. These posters are able to give people a chance to perceive what the product is. Therefore, Hwa Tai’s posters for Luxury Vegetable cracker will contain pictures of the products, the nutrition of the products and some of the benefits of eating it.

Each poster of Hwa Tai’s Luxury Vegetable cracker will feature in colourful. This is because coloured products posters have a higher impact to people than black and white posters. In addition, using colourful products posters may attract more attention from our audiences than the black and white products posters. Publics will try to find out the product that shows in the poster after they had paid attention to the poster.

Besides that, posters will be set at the places where attentions are high. For example, set it at the KL Central, hypermarket such as Tesco, Giant, Econsave, Cold Storage, and Jusco. Moreover, it also can set in bus stop. This is to ensure that Hwa Tai’s products can easily accessible to thousands of potential customers in each and every week.

Billboard AdvertisingBillboard advertising has become increasingly popular recently. The main reason of this is because of the effectiveness of this form of outdoor media. Compare the 24 hour per day exposure of a billboard versus a TV commercial or a newspaper ad. These advertisements have a useful life of 30 seconds at most. In addition to this great advantage is the fact that billboard advertising is very affordable.

In addition, billboard advertising grabs the attention of potential customers like no other form of advertising can. The colourful, creative, and eye-catching ads will have more impacts towards public. Message also can deliver continuously and frequently to the public whenever they pass by. With these benefits, we choose 2 sided mini billboard and outdoor billboard to advertising Hwa Tai’s Luxury Vegetable Crackers.

Our company had chosen the locations for Hwa Tai’s billboards that are high traffic areas, most locations are along highways, busy roads and crowded intersections. In these congested areas, thousands of people a day are exposed to the name and logo of Hwa Tai’s company being advertised. The commuter using the same road day after day will begin to become familiar with this brand.

Magazines AdvertisingMagazines, among many other Media, possess unrivalled advantages with some faults along. One of the advantages is that the Media has a bigger segmented audience. Mostly, magazines are focused on a specific audience. For example, the magazines that we decide to advertise for Hwa Tai’s Luxury vegetable cracker is Female and Ifeel. Both of them are target for females and young woman. Thus, having selected the best suitable print, we had chosen for magazines advertising to reach our exact target market.

Moreover, magazines’ advertising also gives a possibility to present Hwa Tai’s product in full colour. It can amply the colour, image and format in the ads' design. The magazine advertisement is glamorous and prestigious. It makes the brand of Hwa Tai more respectable.

Television CommercialTelevision commercial is the most common and most wide spread advertising medium. Watching TV is the most common leisure activity among the consumers. They spend attentive time watching TV.

Television reaches almost every household. TV reaches every corner of the city, state in the country. Hence, we also advertise Hwa Tai’s Luxury Vegetable Crackers in television commercial.

Besides that, Television is the only medium that uses words, sounds, picture and also music to motivate the consumers. Thus, with all of it, it successfully captures the audience attention.

With using television commercial, we can the audience how convenient is the new packaging of Hwa Tai’s Luxury Vegetable Crackers. Moreover, it also shows the crunchiness and the tastiness of Hwa Tai’s latest crackers. It also appeals to the viewer's sight and hearing at the same time. Television commercial easily makes people believe in Hwa Tai with its power to influence consumer behaviour over and again.

COSTINGOur company decides to choose billboard and poster to advertise Hwa Tai’s convenient pack cracker. For the billboard location, our company plan to set up in the places that are busy with the traffic hours during morning, when people busy heading to their work and for children busy heading to their school. In addition, for the poster will be set up in the shopping complex, hypermarket, bus stops, LRT and KTM station.

Billboard costingThe types of the billboard that our company chooses to advertise Hwa Tai’s convenient pack cracker are using the mini two sided billboard, and the outdoor billboard.

Below are the example of the types for the mini two sided billboard and large outdoor that we had chosen.

Picture 1. Mini two sided billboardPicture 2. Outdoor billboardCosting for 2 sided mini billboard:Size of signboard:6ft x 8ftConstruction height:12ft above groundAdvertisement image size:6ft x 8ftMedia rental per year:RM 6,500.00Replacing of the computer printed vinyl at the second time1. Labour charges RM 2202. Printing of vinyl at RM 9 per sq ft RM 450Media rental per year for consecutive years RM 5,525 (Less 15 %)Discount for bulk order:5 % - 20 to 40 units10 % - 41 and aboveGovt. Service Tax -- 5 % of total rental to be borne by Advertiser.

15% extra charges for Sabah & Sarawak.

2 sided mini billboard’s rental will cost a total RM 6,500.00 per year. Labour charges is RM 220.00 and printing of vinyl at RM 9 per square ft (total is RM 450). Since there has a discount for bulk order, we plan to use a total of 80 pieces mini billboard at certain areas of Malaysia. Total of these mini billboards will cost a total RM 542,052.00.

Costing for outdoor billboard:Size of signboard:10ft x 40ftConstruction height:15ft above groundRental per year:RM 30,000.00Replacing of the computer printed vinyl at the second time1. Labour charges RM 6002. Printing of vinyl at RM 9 per sq ft RM 3,600Media rental per year for consecutive years RM 25,500 + L + P (Less 15 %)Illumination:Panels are lighted from 7pm to 7am and subject to the available electrical point and electricity charges is based on the TNB meterGovt. Service Tax -- 5 % of total rental to be borne by Advertiser.

15% extra charges for Sabah & Sarawak.

Outdoor billboard’s rental will cost RM 30,000.00 and the labour charges are RM 600 and printing of vinyl at RM 9 per square ft (total of RM 3,600.00). Outdoor billboard will cost more than mini billboard, but it will attract more customers since it has a huge size and the panel is lighted from 7pm to 7am to attract those who drive pass by it. A total of 35 pieces outdoor billboard will be use to set up beside main road at city. Therefore, it will cost a total of RM 1,256,850.00.

Poster costingNo. Size Print Material + Finishing Price (1-9 pcs) Price (10 pcs & above)Poster1 A3 Color Digital Print Art paper 128gsm RM3.50 RM 32 A3 Color Digital Print Art paper 128gsm + Lamination RM 5 RM 4.503 A2 Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper RM 12 RM 114 A2 Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper + Lamination RM15 RM 145 Poster size Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper RM 20 RM 186 Poster size Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper + Lamination RM 25 RM 237 A1 Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper RM 24 RM 218 A1 Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper + Lamination RM 30 RM 279 A0 Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper RM 48 RM 4210 A0 Color HP Inkjet 720dpi Synthetic Paper + Lamination RM 60 RM 54For poster printing, we choose poster size (from the table: no.2) and A3 size (from the table: no.6). Poster size’s poster will use color HP Inkjet 720 dpi to print and the material use to print is synthetic paper and will be finishing with lamination. Cost for the poster is RM 23.00 per piece. We decided to have 4000 pieces posters. So, the total amount of cost is RM 92,000.

A3 size posters will use color digital print to print out with the 128gsm art paper and finishing with lamination. Cost per piece is RM 4.50. Same as the poster size’s poster, we will have 4000 pieces A3 size posters. And this will cost a total of RM 18000.

Magazine costingFor magazines, we plan to publish in Ifeel and Female magazines. Both of it are published monthly. Ifeel magazine is in Chinese and Female magazine is in English. The magazine segment for Female is target for female and for Ifeel magazine its market segment is for young women’s. Female magazine is in the category of lifestyle and Ifeel magazine is in the category of beauty and fashion.

We decided to publish Hwa Tai’s Luxury Cereal crackers’ advertisement in half page for both magazines in full colour with bleed size. Both of the advertisement will last for 2 months.

Below are dates to advertise the Hwa Tai’s Luxury cereal cracker:SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Table 1. Calendar for September 2009SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031Table2. Calendar for October 2009Cost for advertise in magazines:Female magazineHalf page - Full colour: RM3750 per insertion (RM3750 x 2 insertion) = RM7500Ifeel magazineHalf page – Full colour: RM3000 per insertion (RM3000 x 2 insertion) = RM6000Costing for Television commercialRTM 3Description: FilmletDuration:30sDay:Every Monday, for 2 monthsTime:8pm - 9pmSlot/Frequency:2 spotsTotal cost for Television commercial:RM900 x 16 spots = RM14400Conclusion of CostingCost for 80 pcs Mini billboards: RM 542,052.00Cost for 35 pcs Outdoor billboards: RM 1,256,850.00Cost for 4000 pcs Poster size posters: RM 92,000.00Cost for 4000 pcs A3 size posters: RM 1, 8000.00Cost for television commercial : RM1, 4400.00Cost for magazines : RM1, 3500.00__Total : RM 1936,802.00From the above, total costing of our cost to advertise Hwa Tai’s Luxury Cereal crackers is RM1936,802.00 which is not over RM 2 million budget.

ConclusionIn conclusion, we use poster, magazine, billboard and TV commercial to promote Hwa Tai Luxury products, this can increase Hwa Tai Company’s image to the publics. Besides that, it might also increase the sales for the company. In addition, this can maintain reputation for Hwa Tai.

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