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Hybrid energy vehicles are becoming the new paradigm of personal transportation among society today. Although hybrid energy vehicles have higher costs, consumers receive the message of their personal accountability as well as their contribution to energy savings both from an environmental and financial standpoint (All Hybrid Cars, 2007). Automakers are promoting hybrid energy vehicles on television, news media, internet, and point of purchase. Vehicles from automakers such as: Toyota, Honda, Ford, Lexus, Dodge, and Chevrolet become appealing to consumers because the way the promotions are administered and the reputation of the companies (Toyota, 2006).

No matter how hybrid energy vehicles are advertised the message is the same: save money on fuel, and contribute to saving the environment from gasoline emissions. Televised commercials show the actual vehicle in action; driving in traffic, on the highway, or local traveling. In addition to the main concept of saving money and environmental awareness, automakers ensure that the experience of driving such a vehicle is equivalent to traditional cars, SUVs or trucks.

News media and the internet promote hybrid energy vehicles from a statistical standpoint. Commercials may make claims and provide visuals that tantalize the viewers, but news media states facts from various studies or events that happen associated with efforts to reduce greenhouse or ozone depleting fumes. The internet provides not only statistical data in the form of results of studies, but consumers can also compare hybrid energy vehicles to other products of the like or even compare the hybrid vehicles to traditional models. Both sources of promotion allow the consumer to educate themselves by realizing the impact these types of vehicles have or do not have on the environment and their wallets.

Promotion at the point of sale often persuades consumers to actually purchase the hybrid energy vehicles while shopping for automobiles.