The Hybrid Alternative to Gasoline.

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There are many potential solutions to the gas and oil situation in the world today. Of all these solutions however, there is one which is within reach and is already taking the market by storm. It is in our economy's best interest that actions are taken to find an alternative to gas powered cars. That alternative has been realized and it is called the hybrid car.

I'm going to look at the gas problem and look into why it is an economic problem. I'm going to look into hybrid cars and discuss why they are a viable, logical, and economic solution. I am going to look further into hybrids, how they work, and look at the advantages and disadvantages to the consumer and the economy. We will then finish off by looking at the tentative future economy as it relates to the car market, hybrid cars, and gasoline.

As can be seen in figure 1 (next page), in recent months gas prices at the consumer level have reached all time highs as adjusted per inflation. In the chart you can see that in September 2005 an all time nominal gas price of $3.03 was reached. As you can see in figure 1 there are two descriptions of price; nominal and inflation adjusted. The term nominal price refers to the actual price of gasoline to the consumer. In other words the nominal price is the price that gasoline users would find on the big sign at their local gas station. The adjusted price refers to the price of gasoline in the value of money in that time era. Adjusted price is the real price of gasoline and in essence can be used as a measuring tool for how big of a dent the price of gas hits the...