Are Hybrids in the Fast Lane?

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Executive Summary

As business students, technology can help give us a competitive advantage. Hybrid cars are currently being developed, and here are the facts. Given what I've found out, what kinds of communication issues does it bring up, and what should students be learning? As business students we should know how to communicate about new technologies like hybrids by paying attention, so we can lead in the future.

Hybrid Cars & Competing Technologies

There are several hybrid varieties that may come to the market soon. In the mean time, clean diesel and hydrogen powered cars of the future may threaten hybrid existence.

Hybrid Cars Benefit Consumers & the Environment

Hybrids are better for the environment that gas-powered cars and have much better gas mileage. Companies are also offering employees incentives for buying hybrids because they want to convey an environmentally friendly image.

Consumer Have Concerns on Cost, Maintenance, Safety & Efficiency

Hybrid cars cost more than gas-powered cars and consumers are concerned the extra cost won't be worth it.

They also are concerned about maintenance, and repair, as well as their safety. Another issue is how they perform versus their fuel-efficiency.

How Manufacturers & Government are Addressing Concerns

The government offers tax deductions for hybrid car purchasers and manufacturers are offering warranties on batteries. Gas prices are also projected to increase three-fold which offsets cost differentiation.

Communication Issues

Manufacturers need to communicate upfront with consumers to alleviate concerns like giving options where to repair their car.

Recommendations for Students and Teachers

Students should wait and see what problems other consumers have with the technology, so they can make more informed decisions whether to invest or not. We can also learn from Don Jones how to evaluate new technologies.

Are Hybrids in the Fast lane?

In the business world it's important...