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Just about everyone in today's world has a set routine they follow without flaws every

morning. Some people may get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and then

pamper themselves. No matter what order, though, most of the people across the world wash

their face at some point in their morning routine. I have been cleansing my face because my

mother used to echo in the halls of our home, "You need to wash your face, Jenny, because it is

hygienic!" Now that I am older, I am used to washing my face every morning with a damp towel.

Yet, after having a brief and nostalgic moment of remembrance of the line my mother repeated in

my younger years, I have become without a doubt confused!

After concise research on the topic of hygiene, I discovered that water detracts the natural

oil on your skin which is unhealthy for the epidermis.

Shortly thereafter, I approached more than

one meaning of the word 'hygienic'. Hygienic can mean either sanitary or tending to promote or

preserve health. In my mother's case, she must have been referring to the definition sanitary.

Sanitary is making sure of the cleanliness of one's body. Promoting or preserving health, like the

other definition calls for, is definitely not what cleaning my face does to me. Cleaning my face only

kills the oil in my skin! Whatever happened to that good old phrase that "mom's always right"?

To stop this outrage of unhealthy skin cleaning, we should all halt cleaning our skin together.

More damage is done to our skin after the oils have been taken away than when it has been left

dirty! By an human's early seventies, they have lost almost three years of their life if...