What is hypnosis? How can it benefit or harm our lives?

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A mysterious phenomenon

Sabina Abayeva

Block F

April 25, 2007

The door gradually opened and I stepped out of the elevator carrying my "day one" back pack. I quickly went to the door with an embedded gold nine and spontaneously pushed the button with a cute bell. I could hear it ring all through the apartment. After a minute or so I heard footsteps slowly coming towards the door. When the white door opened I saw my mom. As usually smiling and no doubt she was happy to see me. The moment I saw her I breathed in the sweet perfume she was wearing.

"Oh, mommy what is that amazing perfume you are wearing?" I questioned as I threw my arms round her.

"It is the new perfume called Hypnose", she answered and then specified "by Lancôme."

This scene happens every day. Ever single day as I come tired from school I breathe in the smell of the perfume and soak in the energy from it.

Why did it happen?

"Hypnose" I repeated, going straight into my room and locking the door.

Finally, I reached the astonishing place. For me, it is more than just a room. It is my own private place. Most of my money goes into that room; I buy different posters and fluffy pillows to make it look colorful. The room is ME from top to bottom. It is the only place where I can actually analyze what is going on.

As I walked in, straight away I started to think about that perfume, "Hypnose", what an interesting name it had. Suddenly all those questions started to enter my mind. What does "Hypnose" mean? Is it like "hypnotize" and the perfume simply hypnotizes you. Suddenly I pulled out my...