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What is hypothesis

Hypothesis a preliminary assumption or tentative explanation that accounts for a set of facts, taken to be true for the purpose of investigation and testing, a theory. The scientific method is a systematic approach to research Falsifiability is the most important feature of hypothesis testing. Other methods of testing (falsifying) hypotheses include dialectic, logic, probability and statistics.

By evaluated the ability of key theoretical variables to prospectively predict level of HIV risk behavior at six months following the initial assessment among an understudied population of low-income, non-injection substance-abusing, heterosexual men (NI-SA-HM). They found that ethnicity, pretreatment condom use level and condom attitudes at intake predicted HIV risk at a 6-month follow-up. However, a number of variables (e.g.; perceived susceptibility to HIV infection, sexual response-efficacy, self-efficacy) that have emerged as significantly predictive of HIV risk in cross-sectional studies were not significant prospective predictors of HIV risk in the current study.

The study emphasizes the value of examining longitudinal data in elucidating which factors may contribute to HIV risk reduction in designing interventions to produce risk reduction among NI-SA-HM.

HIV/AIDS is relatively high and rapidly increasing among non-injecting, substance abusing, heterosexual men (NI-SA-HM; Malow & Ireland, 1996). Prior studies have focused predominantly on men who share drug-injecting equipment or who engage in sex with other men because these behaviors confer a high level of HIV risk. Beyond the risk of these behaviors, the possibility of HIV transmission is significantly enhanced by various behaviors that have been associated with non-injection drug use such as unprotected sex with multiple partners, exchanging sex for drugs or alcohol, and substance use/abuse proximal to sex.

Among the few prospective studies, found positive attitudes towards condoms and relationship involvement at the initial assessment predicted greater instances of initiating and/or maintaining safer sexual practices, such...