Hypothetical Business Essay; Youth Outreach of America. Essay is religiously based and describes a non-profit business plan in detail.

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Changing The Face of Tomorrow

Youth Outreach of America


In many homes today, children would miss their TV sets more than they would miss their fathers. Youth Outreach of America does not want a generation of hollow, hurting people. We have, in the power of Jesus Christ, the incredible ability to convey peace, civility, and security to future doctors, construction workers, teachers, and parents. Our youth are important people, no matter who they become! Living out our love for them in a language they can understand is a priority that can hardly be topped.

"Empowered by the Holy Spirit; we are believers in Jesus Christ dedicated to reaching out in friendship, encouraging one another in love, and deepening our relationship with God."

Youth Outreach of America Overview

Outreach of America is located in Boston, MA and presents the life changing, uplifting Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We believe better things of today's generation.

They are not the world's worst generation; they are its best hope. They are not bound to repeat the mistakes of the past. They have the courage to plot new courses. They're not the end, but rather they are a beginning. They are hope, they are the future, and they matter, so we are dedicating all our energies and efforts in helping them. Our goal is to build mentally, socially, and spiritually filled children, youth and adults of all reaches. To see them as God sees them. He says, "...I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Outreach Center has a goal to reach the needs of people both saved and unsaved. We believe that people are tired of hearing about religion and are looking for something with...