Iago: The Devil - "Othello" by William Shakespeare

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Iago is a very powerful, persuasive and deceitful man. He is the smartest and the most important character in Othello. Without him the play would not have the same effect it did and probably would not have the same outcome as well. He is able to convince every character in the play with his lies and deceits. Iago is very honest with the audience, although he lies with everyone else in the play. Being the key role is not as easy as it seems. Iago can be seen as temptation or even as Satan himself.

Iago can be seen as Satan and temptation, both go hand in hand. He forces unpleasant images into Othello about the "sexual activities" that happened between Desdemona and Cassio. By forcing these lies into Othello he actually convince Othello that those thing really happened. By causing him to have a cesure, which caused Othello to stop questioning Othello.




With her?


With her, on her; what you will.


Lie with her! lie on her! We say lie on her, when

they belie her. Lie with her! that's fulsome.


confess, and be hanged for his labour;--first, to be

hanged, and then to confess.--I tremble at it.

Nature would not invest herself in such shadowing

passion without some instruction. It is not words

that shake me thus. Pish! Noses, ears, and lips.

--Is't possible?--Confess--handkerchief!--O devil!--

Falls in a trance" (IV.i.40-51) By just mere description Iago proves that he is the master of language. Just like Satan, who is able to take on any shape or form and can lie to someone so good they believe it's the truth. Iago does this to every important character in the play to get what he wants. Satan lies to people like Eve and tells...