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Explain your interpretation of Iago's character and role in the play so far Iago, the most villainous character in the play. He has very remarkable powers both of intellect and wit and is totally devoted to himself. It is quite ironic as Iago displays himself as honest towards the other characters in the play, but he is treacherous, deceitful and manipulative.

Iago, is presented in many different ways, he can be described as an evil genius. His character is pure evil, however at the same time he is a genius, in the way he goes about the things he says and does. Iago wants revenge on Othello, as Othello passed him over for the position of lieutenant, and gave it to Cassio. Iago quotes, ' In personal suit to make me his lieutenant.' Iago obviously thought Othello, was going to make him lieutenant. As Iago was passed over, this draws out his evil nature.

Iago is consumed with envy, and from that moment in Act 1, he begins his scheming.

Iago is able, to make people think he is trustworthy and honest, this gives the evil within him a perfect unsuspecting victim for his schemes. Iago has a quick and cunning mind, in Act 1 Scene 2, when Brabantio goes out to find Othello, Iago is present, he states , 'Come, sir, I am for you.' Here, he pretends to be caring and that he is on Othellos side, when only he knows he is not.

Iago displays his, 'scheming ability' when he convinces Roderigo, to tell Brabantio about the marriage of Desdemona and Othello, 'Call up her father'. Roderigo carries out this order straight away, this establishes the control Iago has over, naïve Roderigo.

Iagos true 'evil genius' is displayed frequently throughout Act 1 and Iago...