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August A. Busch III, Chairman of the Board and President of Anheuser "“ Busch Companies stated, "Advertisers constantly invent cures to which there is no disease". With this statement said, Why advertise? What makes an advertisement effective enough to persuade the target market to buy a product? How does an advertisement reach the target market? Why is advertising essential to a company's success? First off, what is an advertisement? An advertisement is a message, paid for by those who send them, intended to inform or influence people who receive the ad. Advertisements are everywhere through out everyday life. The press, television, radio, direct mail, outdoor advertising, leaflet distribution, point of sale, and cinema are just a few of the many mediums that advertisements travel by to influence a person's decision; to buy or not to buy. Anheuser "“ Busch Companies is by far the most successful advertised company in the world and more specifically the United States of America throughout all demographics.

(Visual 1) For an advertisement to reach the public it is a very long and painstaking process. There are so many different ways to advertise, so many different audiences and so many different media that getting the best out of advertising is a highly skilled job. It involves experts in many different fields "“ writers, artists, photographers, designers, television production crews, etc.

The first step to a good advertisement is to set a realistic goal of sales. From there a company must decide how important is this campaign too us by divvying up money for the acquisition of an advertising agency or firm. To pick a fitting agency is to find out what they know about your product and company. Market research is to be done to obtain as many facts about the product as possible such...