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Lipstick Victim"In other news, New York has yet again suffered a fatality after a pedestrian was hit by a woman in a car putting her lipstick on. That is the fifth lipstick victim New York has suffered this month."Christina, who was getting ready to attend her friend's dinner party, was shocked when she heard the news. She was so out of her thoughts that when she waxed her legs she forgot to instinctively scream or even slightly twitch.

Christina could not believe what she had heard and was in despair. Deep inside she hoped that the female driver was a blonde female so that people could not say that female drivers were terrible drivers. She was a strong feminist and often found herself arranging feminist meetings where they would bad mouth the male race and come up with as many degrading things that the male race put them up too.

Discussing matters such as the word "postman" and why society today could not go through the terrifying pain and effort to say "postwoman" could have Christina going on for hours and hours.

Being uncertain at what time her friend's dinner party started, she rushed over to her laptop and checked her email once again. At this point of time Christina believed she had an hour or two to spare so she relaxed after the long shower she had recently taken. She looked at her Cartier watch and noticed that the email said 19:00 precise. Christina was only running about an hour late, however she felt it was a popular move to come casually late. It probably slipped her mind that it was a dinner party and that all the guests were probably sitting around the table anxiously looking at all the delicious food that the host had prepared.

After putting...