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Topic: IBM mainframe host/server platform S/390.

"No other operating system in history has grown as quickly "“ across such a broad range of systems "“ as Linux. Its widespread adoption is poised to change the very nature and economics of application development." IBM One of the recent IBM developments "“ the mainframe host (or server) platform S/390, which will be discussed here "“ is closely related to the famous Linux campaign because it was created specially for this operational system. The S/390's strengths include rock-solid reliability, the ability to run multiple diverse workloads, and highly scalable technology, which make it an ideal choice for hosting key e-business applications. Now Linux has joined the S/390 family of operating systems, bringing a wealth of open source applications, middleware, and trained developers to help you respond to your business challenges quicker than ever before. So, let us consider the platform in detail.

The S/390 Multiprise 3000 server was introduced in September 1999 with OS/390 Version 2 Release 7, as well as IBM's DB2 enterprise database, by Rich Lechner and his group .

This introduction was a usual IBM mainframe as a platform for hosting e-business applications; but at the same time this event has appeared to be a new step in the recent general IBM's policy of making development for its top-end server platform easier by increasing their prices for such mainframes. IBM's target audience for the considered product is medium to large customers with 50 or more S/390 application developers , mainly because the platform developments was widely accompanied by the huge campaign of suitable software, the main among which was, of course, Linux "“ the aim of S/390 development.

IBM's S/390 processors are made on the basis of a totally new cluster technology "“ Parallel Sysplex, which...