Ice man - The theory behind his death

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Iceman lived between 3363 BC and 2940 BC in the Stone Age. Since the bodies discovery on September 19, 1999 by two German Hikers much controversy has surrounded the cause of Iceman's death. In the following paragraphs are my own personal recount of the happenings before Iceman's death and the ultimate cause of his death after reading many of the current theories.

It is in my belief that Iceman was in the mountainous range undergoing a ritual ordeal, where he was provided with a copper axe and a minium of clothing. This may have been to a god of the time whom they sacrificed young men, Iceman was between 25 - 40 years of age, for a good winter and spring to follow. This would account for the copper axe, as copper was rare in Iceman's days, this means the sacrifice was extremely important.

Iceman was being perused by at least two or more men who intended to kill him; this was apart of the sacrifice.

This is quite evident in the belongings found around Iceman. In his quiver there were two finished arrows with two different blood residues on them and a third that was stuck together from two broken arrows, indicting he must have missed a few times but was on target for the other two as he was able to retrieve them and the broken ones. Also twelve unfinished arrows were found in the quiver. Along with these items Iceman also had flint to start a fire and repair kits for his weapons suggesting the ordeal went on for a long time.

Iceman was found it a ditch, this may be due to his thoughts of ambushing his followers, which is further backed up by the neatness his belongings were found in. His...