The Iceberg Hermit

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The Setting: The setting of my book took place in the summer of 1757. Throughout the book the setting changed a lot. It changed so much because Allan Gordon started out living where he grew up in Aberdeen. From there, Allan started a new job working on the Anne Forbes, a whaling ship. The Anne Forbes sailed on the treacherous Arctic seas. The ship had wrecked when it hit an iceberg somewhere off the coast of Greenland. When the ship went down, Allan was the only member of the entire crew to survive. The setting changed to Allan living on an iceberg with no sign of life anywhere. Allan was left with no shelter, food, or a way to keep warm. Later in the story, the setting changed to Allan living with a tribe of Norse Greenlanders, descendents of the Vikings.

Characters: One of the main characters in the book was Allan Gordon. Allan was a 17- year old boy that lived with his mom and sisters in Aberdeen. Allan had blonde hair and he was well built. Allan was very brave and responsible young man. He also had great strength. After his father died, Allan had to make money to help support his poor family. Allan was a very hard working teenager. He had worked for William Craigie, a tailor for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allan later realized that he needed a better job to help support his family, so he signed with the Anne Forbes, a whaling ship. After the ship crashed into an iceberg, Allan was very much alone on the polar seas. He was determined to return home to his family and his girlfriend Nancy Campion. Allan never gave up hope that he would return home. He fought very...