Who was Iceman?

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Iceman was a chance find, 92m inside the Italian border by mountaineers, Erika and Helmut Simon. He was discovered on September 19 1991 along with a range of artefacts. These include his copper axe, unfinished bow, birch bark containers, flint objects, his quiver and its contents. There are many theories which have developed over Iceman about his occupation, health, technology, lifestyle and origins.

Many speculations have been drawn about the occupation of the Iceman but there are a few widely accepted theories. Probably the most received supposition is that he was a hunter or herdsman. The artefacts discovered near the body support this idea as his clothes were made largely from animal skins and bones; he had a bow/axe and flint daggers or knives. The fact that he was found in such an unusual area, 3210m above sea level in the Italian Alps, help support ideas such as he was a traveller or herdsman.

Not many people would have ventured up to those sorts of distances, especially at his supposed age. If Iceman was considered as a traveller then the range of artefacts also supports this. He could have recovered these items during his travels or traded with foreign communities.

The health and conditions of Iceman have been constantly reassessed with the advances in technology since his discovery. Iceman was a 35-40 year old male who was approximately 160cm tall with dark hair. Through forensic examination it has been deciphered that he had some level of lead pollution, high cholesterol and even some heart clogging. This gives insight, although little, to his diet, and the attitudes of the time. There were also signs of fractures and broken ribs which indicate that he was injured at his time of death and the position of his right arm shows that it...