The Iceman of the Italian Alps that was 5,300 years old named Otzi

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In 1991 in the Italian Alps a 5,300-year-old "iceman" was discovered surrounded in ice. Scientists at first thought that the iceman they nicknamed "Otzi" was killed by hypothermia from exposure to the snow. Later, they found new evidence that shoved that the iceman might have been murdered.

Scientists initially presumed that because of no obvious physical damages, the iceman had died from extreme weather conditions. This was a good theory at the beginning, but there were some questions including the strange way that one of the iceman's arms was placed. The scientists later doubted that the iceman was caught in a storm and froze to death.

In July 2001, scientists in Italy used a sophisticated X-ray technique to scan the iceman's body. They found an arrowhead beneath the Iceman's upper left shoulder and concluded that he died from this after bleeding extensively.

The first theory was more of a speculation then a good theory, and made sense until newer evidence was found.

The finding of the flint arrowhead in the iceman's shoulder makes the theory of his murder much more likely and is the best theory of how the iceman died.



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