The Iconic Apple iPod and the Post-Consumer Stage: Socio-Political Factors

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Businesses increasingly deal with their products at the post-consumer stage of the supply chain, from returns to customer satisfaction. The Apple iPod has completely changed the mp3, portable music player industry. Apple has a grasp on the market ever since the first iPod and has never let go, giving customers exactly what they want as the product continues to develop. Reviews by customers, websites, and magazines alike have all raved about the iPod since its creation and continual design renovations. Reviews of the iPod in magazines like PC Magazine and websites like CNET Reviews both state how the iPod is the elite mp3 player on the market. Its enormous sales numbers across the globe and continued popularity are proof of the iPod's success among customers. From the first black and white iPod, to the development of a color display, the iPod develops features to suit every desire of their consumers.

The product developed a small version, the shuffle, to cater to customers looking to exercise with their music without the larger version becoming a hassle. It developed technology to hold not only your music files but also video files. The innovations continued all the way to the iPod touch, a touch screen iPod similar to the iPhone and with wireless internet capabilities. All of these new design features of each generation of the iPod continue delivering what the customers want as Apple always has a pulse on their market and what they are craving. The interesting part of this is the speed with which Apple develops these new features. The first iPod was developed and released in October 2001. By October 2004 the color display was developed and ready for sale, making the original version obsolete in just three years. In September of 2006, the one inch shuffle was produced,