The Idea of Imatation

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The Idea of Imagination

Imitation is the peak of human innovation; it is the peak of all of creation as we are limited to what is around us. As a society all we can do is take from others and from what is around us, using nature as our guide and an example in life. Nothing is truly creative, but rather it is taken from somewhere else. In Susan Blackmore's essay "Strange Creatures" she talks about imitation, and the extent of the human mind and creativity. At the same time Adam Gopnik's essay "Bumping into Mr. Ravioli" gives us insight and examples of imitation throughout society that we simply overlook. As a society we are so focused on growing our inventions that we rarely stop to see its source. Imitation is the birth of everything in society from technology to social norms, it is what defines us.

We imagine what is around us without even realizing what it is we are doing.

Children imitate their parents from birth. We learn to walk and talk as they do even invent things in our lives to match there's. Blackmore states "Imitation comes naturally to us humans. Have you ever sat and blinked, or waved, or 'goo gooed', or even just smiled at a baby? What happens? Very often they blink too, or wave, or smile back at you. We do it so easily even as infants". From this we can understand why Gopnik's daughter, Olivia, invents Mr. Ravioli. He is an imitation of the New York life that she has seen from her parents.

'I grasp that it's normal for her to have an imaginary friend.' I said, 'but have you ever heard of an imaginary friend who's too busy to play with you?'… 'No,' she said. 'I'm sure that...