The idea that a new american home is what every american wants.

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The New American Home

The ideal home to every American

When I was born, I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment in Portland, Oregon. About a year later, my sister was born and my parents decided the apartment was too small, so we moved into a two bedroom, one story house. Over the years, I had two more sisters born, and as our family was growing, we needed a larger house to hold us all. At first, this was not possible because my dad was not making enough money to afford a big house, but gradually we got bigger houses and made improvements to them. Now we live in a five bedroom, three-story house in Beaverton, Oregon. My house is very similar to the houses mentioned in the "New American Home" article. I am glad that my family was able to achieve a home with great luxuries. However, there are people we feel that the luxuries in the huge houses are extravagant and even excessive.

One could argue that heated floors and hidden refrigerators are not beneficial items to have in a house. What is the reason for such expensive things? Although there are some who may think material items are needless and a waste of money. I would disagree with them. "The new American home" is an ideal environment for every American, because it provides the most comfortable form of living.

The concept of a "new American home" in my opinion simply means that the home is filled with expensive, or technologically advanced items to make everyday living more comfortable. As families grow, more space is needed for everyone to be able to have different entertainment options at once. When a family starts out typically, they are not extremely wealthy and cannot afford a huge house, but...