The idea of radio stations having censorship makes more than

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The idea of radio stations having censorship makes more than perfect sense. If we allow radio stations to say whatever they want, than all forms of values and respect for human kind could go out the window. The day that censorship is abolished is the day that we have lost. But then again, we have already lost all sense of decency and replaced it with vulgarity, so why not just take away censorship, the one thread holding the string of humanity together. Who cares what happens to the children of our generation? If we are not allowed to say every vulgarity we have on the radio, and talk about sexual acts that most children are too naïve to understand, it is not wrong, it is un-constitutional, at least, so we are told.

Many have been saying censorship is what's wrong, that it goes against America's right to freedom of speech. Well I am all for freedom of speech, don't get me wrong, but to a certain extent. If our fore fathers realized what would come of that one sentence about freedom of speech, I am not so sure they would keep it the same. But, we cannot tell the fore fathers of this nation what was to come, and we will not change this amendment, so one question remains, who is to judge how far is far enough? Sadly, no one can take on such a responsibility. No one man can decipher between right and wrong, good and bad, not any man of this age at least. Thus, leaving America in a ditch. So, because of this, we allow so many radio shows and such to go on about sexual intercourse to a point where it is almost repulsive to listen too. And who are the main listeners to these shows? Teenagers and young people is the answer. So children are now learning about sex from not their parents, or let alone their school, no, now it is the media. The media, who has convinced the majority of young people that a once act of love between two people, is just a fun, loveless pleasure.

If you still believe that censorship is wrong, and that it goes against your freedom of speech, than by all means, disagree with me, but before you do, let me say this. If American's forty years ago were shown what the radio stations play now, they would be shocked, and most likely not believe it. The reason people are not shocked now when listening to the radio is that after time and much exposure to something shocking, people except it, and after they accept it, they get bored, and want to be shocked more, at a higher level. The sad thing is that people do not care whether it is shocking in a good way or bad, just as long as it is shocking. Thus, censorship is not wanted, because we should be free to say what we want, good morals or bad, does not matter, as long as you want to say it, you can say it. You want to talk about sexual intercourse to an extent that is repulsive? Be my guest. You want to put a nazi rally on a national broadcasted radio? Who's stopping you? Well, it would not be the censors, because they go against our freedom of speech.