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Now you know which category you are in. For those who have Ideal BMI, Keep it up & maintain it. But what about those who have Low & High BMI? What are you going to do about it?

Maybe for some of you, you might still think, "I'm going to start when I'm in the mood/when I feel I want to" or maybe some of you might think "So what? I am still young and I don't health problems yet".

Now, let me point out the problem of the mentality most of us have. We only start to think about healthy lifestyle when health had deteriorated. By the time we realized the value of our health, our body had already destroyed and the only thing that we can do is suffer and counting the time to our death. You wouldn't want that, do you?

So start taking the action now! Kick-start that healthy lifestyle you've been dreaming of!

If you really want to make a change, then let's do it together! Change doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work but believe me it will be worth it.

Here are the 5 healthy changes for you to make now.

First, Change your Mind. Your mind is the most powerful thing to control your will power. You have the power to change your life by changing your mindset. The challenge is in believing you can! Check on how your emotions & behavior are affecting your health. For example are you feeding not only your hunger but also your feelings? Like when every time you are sad/happy/stress, the first thing you do is grab food to indulge in? If you do have this problem start fixing it now.

Second, Set Attainable Goals. What is your vision of the...