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The concept of an "ideal" classroom has always been thought upon by students and teachers alike. Who would run the class? What would the subject matter contain so that the students could stay interested and not wander into their own land as usual? When would be the right time for a class to take place? How and where would the classroom be held? Also, why is there a need for an "ideal" classroom?

In an "ideal" classroom, the Professor would be someone who values his students' opinions and listens to them as equals. Belittling would be non-existent and having a favorite student wouldn't be true. Everyone in the class would be on a level playing field. The idea of one student being "better" than another because of status within the school or community wouldn't exist. The Professor would hold years of mind experience, yet not be older than mid-twenties. Someone with a sharp wit would be held highly and respected for his un-shattering way of telling it like it is.

I prefer a female Professor to a male because males have the tendency to be a bit more lenient on their female pupils. That has been my impression. Leniency in this time of your life is not a good thing.

A "throwing them to the wolves" approach is one not highly favored, but is necessary in order to fully understand and appreciate what others have done for you in life. If you have taken the easy road your entire life and all of a sudden expect for your life to pan itself in front of you, you have another thing coming. The Professor needs to give no slack and be fully prepared to push his students to their wit's end when necessary.

One teacher in particular stands out when I...