Idealistic essay on philosophy

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When I was in 7th grade everyone was playing basketball in gym class. It was fun and all but then I saw people playing dodge ball and I thought that would be a lot more fun to do than basketball. So, I left the basketball game and joined the dodge ball game. I did this because I didn't care if my friends got mad at me and, I didn't want to do something that wasn't fun. If I did stay I could be considered a "follower" and not a "leader." I wanted to be considered a leader or at least close to one. So, I joined the game and a few of my friends came with me. I considered those friends my "real" friends then because they stayed with me. Picking your way of life is like choosing a prize from a grab bag, it can be fun while it lasts, but you can only pick one.

If I had to choose a philosophical viewpoint I would pick idealist because they are flow of ideas with high moral or intellectual value and style. The main reason I would set my life on being an idealist is because they have the freedom. This will enable me to have the freedom to do anything that I want and not have the fear of caring what other people think. For example, I am teen with blond hair and I like rock music. A person I will keep anonymous once said, "You have blond hair and have a Aaron Carter haircut." I didn't take this offensive but I though it was great. It was great to me because I want to have my own sense of style, and if people thought I would like a certain type of music because of how I looked...