The Ideals of Nirvana - A short essay criticizing the thoughts and usefulness behind "Nirvana".

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Nirvana has been defined as complete freedom from illusion, hatred, and greedy desires-how might this ideal be useful to you/us?

Nirvana is defined by the most as a state of mind in which one reaches "enlightenment". However to contradict that statement, no one really knows what true enlightenment feels like due to everyone not knowing if the other person claiming Nirvana has really experienced it, or is only thinking he has experienced it and is spreading false information about his triumph and what it feels like.

The ideal and concept in itself can be useful to most people by giving them a set of guidelines that they can adhere to in order to better themselves. Living well and being a good person is 90% global and what other religions and teachings are based off of. Desires of man are generally that of material things and physical items. The pursuit of wealth and greatness is something that most people are working for throughout their lives.

The thought of just being mediocre and middle class to most is a scary thought. Who is to say though that something is a "greedy desire"? The viewpoint on the situation could be severely skewed due to personality and lack of motivation. A lazy and unmotivated person who likes to sit around and philosophize all day will look at a person, who is working three jobs in order to have things that he wants, and call him greedy and controlled by material things. This is in fact completely opposite as the person is simply being a hard worker in order to move up the "ladder". In this view the philosopher is wrong, as he is simply motivated by jealousy and wants to make himself look better by criticizing others of their personal gains.

Being free from...