Identify, describe and explain the purpose of several different types of work with people

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Youth work

A youth workers duty is to support a young person aged between 11 to 25 to enhance their personal, educational and social development skills.

A youth worker aims to help the individual to take action on issues effecting their daily lives such as health, education, unemployment and their environment , using many methods and activities in providing guidance and counselling.

Care worker

Care workers work with a range people who suffer from , autism, dementia, arthritis and physical or mental disability etc.

Example of a care worker who is working with an elderly person, assists, supervises, and helps individuals who have difficulty in carrying out day to day tasks such as washing, dressing, toileting, bathing, meal preparation and medication.

The care workers purpose is to create a clean and safe environment for the individual.

Social worker

A social worker is a trained professional who helps people suffering from mental or physical needs to find relevant support services.

A social worker has to attain a degree in social work to be a licensed practising social worker, which usually takes three years.

Social workers often work with people experiencing problems in life or people who are socially excluded. Their aim and purpose is to provide support and enable service users to help themselves. Social workers maintain a strong relationship with service users acting as a guide, advocate or as a friend.