Identify the important study skills that demonstrate independent learning

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Learning is the knowledge acquired by a systematic study in any field of scholarly application. It is clearly more than just study skills. It is a multi-faceted process, involving each individual learner and her or his learning history, the current learning environment, and the interaction between these. Learning can be taken place when an individual can understand and explain something, teach or demonstrate to others.

Independent learning, often referred to as self-directed learning, involves pupils taking the initiative in recognising learning requirements and undertaking activities in order to meet them. Independent learning is very crucial nowadays for an individual as we are located in a rapidly changing society and people need to be able to learn new skill for new jobs and opportunities. This is forever going to be a life-long process as education has become very important and is the road to success in future. For those individuals who wish to go onto further studies it is very essential they are able to work independently and their educations depends on this.

Many organisations and companies are in great need for employees who are self motivated and resourceful as this will depend on the individual's level of performance and the benefits they can offer to the company. Independent learning can promote intrinsic motivation which involves an interest in the learning task itself and also satisfaction being gained from learning rather than extrinsic which helps the pupils see the value in learning through being praised for their own performance.

Tabberer (1987) defined study skills as "the reading and thinking skills requisite to any study task". This means it is essential to define, analyse, solve and report on a problem in a disciplined and independent way. Hamblin (1981) stated a number of study skills that is essential for an independent lifelong...