Identify The Major Issues Associated With Higher Education Of Police Officers.

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The major issues dealing with higher education of police officers are, if police officers with a collage education have a hard time identifying and understanding the problems of a lower socioeconomic status. I think if the officer has been in contact with this type of social class before. He will not have a hard time understanding them. It is also hard to determine what type of classes should be taught, and which ones would have the greatest impact. I think most law classes should be taught, along with math history, and government classes.

Do police officers with a collage degree have a different attitude and job performance than those that are serving with no collage experience? I think that it is important to know all you can about your job. It makes it a lot easer. How will education affect authoritarianism, will it increase or decrease. Should we send police officers that haven't been in school for years back to school? I feel that the police officers that haven't been in school for a while should not have to go back to school.

We need to make collage a requirement so we wont have to send officers back to school.

Probably the most influential issue is what type of reaction will we get if new police officers have more education on criminal justice than there superiors. In this situation I still think we don't need to send the supervisors back to school but make it a requirement for new officers. Eventually everyone in the field will have a collage education.

I think education is real important in any line of work someone is considering. I would not wasn't a mechanic with no schooling working on my car. And I wouldn't want to work on someone's car without learning everything possible...