Identify the type of team player you are in your group. How do you facilitate group work?

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I am a team player that is very easy to work with. I come to find that I am now the team representative for both classes in AIU online. I don't like to use leader, so I am using representative. In reality, I am representing the group in one person. I have never been one, so this is a new experience for me. I am an honest person and will not take credit that should go to another member of the team.

I am here to support my members and be here for any concerns they may have. I express ideas to the members and create brainstorms before the meeting. I also respect all my members and don't look down to any of them and listen to their own opinions on the project.

Some people tell me I organize too much. I believe you can never be too organized. A team must have a plan.

Being organized is another way of having a plan. All groups need a goal and a plan to get there. For example, you have an address to get somewhere and you need the directions to get there. The address would be your goal and the directions would be your plans.

I communicate with the group a lot. I feel every member needs to know what is going on. After each meeting, I sum up the meeting discussion into an email and send to all members in the group. People have things that come up and can't make it to the meeting. I understand those needs and will accommodate by sending these emails. I express on every email, that if they have a comment on the notes or any concerns, to notify me as soon as possible.

I have loyalty to my members. If...