A. Identify which type of hotel you would like to work with and explain the reasons.

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I would like to work in resort hotels and Hyatt Regency is my first choice. The leisure and pleasure travelers were drawn by favorable climate and recreational activities which are provided by resort hotels. Hyatt Regency focuses on providing recreational activities such as golf, tennis, spa and swimming; others offer family activities. Resort hotels are usually located in suburban area which offering relief from crowd area. In order to maintain the occupancy during the low and shoulder seasons, the larger resort hotels providing meeting and exhibition places become a destination for MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition) Market. Hyatt Regency has also provided a full-services business center. Moreover, guest rooms and suites in resort hotels are generally larger than those in other types of hotels. Sometimes resort hotels provide kitchen facilities since these hotels cater to families who have vacation or stay for several weeks. Hyatt Regency has also provided some kitchen facilities such as refrigerator and microwave.

There are there reasons of why I would like to work in resort hotels.

First and foremost, I can enjoy a better quality of life in resort hotels than other types of hotels such as commercial hotel. Since the resort hotels are usually located in less populated and congested area with favorable climate and beautiful views. I can relief from smog and appreciate the great environment nearby. Other types of hotels are usually located in urban area and near shopping, business areas and other major attractions. Those staff possibly can't enjoy their life while they are working, so their quality of life is worse than those who working in resort hotels.

Secondly, I think working in resort hotels is more challenging than those hotels which concentrated in serving few types of guests. As I mentioned above, resort hotels are also a destination...