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Juan Garcia 6th hour

"Who am I?"

I am most defined by my determination. My 8th grade year I was had a very bad injury. I was injured for 6 months of a blood clot on my thigh. Surprisingly I was still able to try out for the freshman soccer team and make the team.

It was just another hot summer day when my cousin invited me to play soccer at Freedom Park in Berwyn. I agreed to go with him. When we get there, like always, there was a lot of people. So everyone made their own 'reta' (small teams of 5). We started playing after playing a couple of games, some very big, bulky, homely looking guy slid on me very hard and I fell. At the time I didn't feel any pain, but the next day it felt a little sore. It went on feeling that way for about a month and a half, but I kept playing soccer every other day while my leg felt like that.

One day I was on my front porch just talking to my sister. All of a sudden I got a horrible pain on my leg, my thigh looked like as if I had broken it but it didn't. I immediately called my mom and told her in tears "Mom my leg hurts badly! I need you to take me to the doctor please!" My mom wasn't aware of the soreness feeling on my leg because I didn't notify her of it. So she was confused. I later explained everything to her and she got mad at me.

Once we got to the Emergency Room I was still in a lot of pain. I sat there waiting in complete pain until someone attended me. After about 2 hours waiting, they...