"The Identity of an American Citizen." This essay explains in great detail what the "identity" of an American citizen was like in Pennsylvania during colonial times.

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The American Citizen of Pennsylvania valued many different things. Some of the main things they valued were family, religion and education, and their economy. The American citizen has greatly changed through out the years.

Family is a very important part of life to people of Pennsylvania. Most families during the 1700's were very big. Household often contained Parents, children, and members of the extended family. People were self-reliant, as in they could meet their own need without the help from anyone else. A man's duty in his family was to hunt animals for food, and to cut firewood. They also had to plant and harvest crops. Women in the families usually did household chores. They shear wool off sheep, cut and prepare meals, knit and sew, clean the house, pick crops, make candles for nighttime, etc. Girls acquire these skills when they are very young so they have enough practice to become a sampler.

Children are taught to be eager workers very young because laziness is considered a sin. Families of the mid 1800's emerged a little from the 1700's. People were still self reliant and there were still several large families. Men still continued to work the farms, but men also began to work outside the home in factories and buildings. Factories, farms, and mines became essential to the success of the Revolutionary armies. Women weren't as confined to their houses as they were in the 1700's. Some women began to be independent and even work outside their homes. Many women still worked under their own roofs.

Religion and Education were also a very important part of Pennsylvanians daily lives. Sundays was the holy day. People would go to church for several hours in the morning, then again for several hours in the afternoon. To make their church, people...