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Note: This is a summary of the story The Child by Tiger and an anylasis on Dick Prosser. There is no source except for the short story. So no bibliography is required.

Dick Prosser in "The Child by Tiger" by Thomas Wolfe is a black "servant" living in a time when blacks were being oppressed. Dick Prosser, however, is loved by his familywho are known as The Sheppertons. He is a respectable man who is thought to be kind, friendly and very talented. However, no one knew that he was about to commit a crime that no sane man could commit.

The story begins with the kids playing football. "Cap'n Shepperton" asks Dick if the way he is playing football is correct. Dick praises him and corrects just a small minor error made by Cap'n Shepperton. Dick also shows the boys how good he is at shooting. Dick seems to enjoy the company he spends with the kids.

At this time, Dick's identity is thought to be a modest, talented and nice man. It is not believed that he could harm anyone. It is surprising though that he could be so happy when his entire race is being oppressed by America for reasons that are unknown. There is no way that Dick Prosser could enjoy his job so much which most likely pays very little. Things begin to change for Dick quite soon.

Dick is a religious man. When he drives the Sheppertons to church, it is not uncommon for him to be standing out dressed nice listening to the mass. Dick is known for his compulsive bible reading. One day he reads an excerpt from the bible out to the children that mentions Armageddon day should be coming soon. This is foreshadowing events that will soon change. Dick's identity...