The Ideologies of Different Classes

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The Ideologies of Different Classes

We can start with Ken Loach who has different features than other directors. He prefers to analyze social problems and also show us some ideologies of different classes in the society. Ideology is a key term in especially film studies. Generally, the concept of ideology which was formulated in order to adapt to changes societies underwent in a few decades. As it can be seen that especially in most Western countries, the assumption of a social division into a ruling class that controls the means of production and a working class that is forced to sell its labor in order to survive no longer applies. Actually, people in working class need to make money for not only themselves but also their families so they put up with all kinds of difficulties which are done by upper or ruling class. In Bread and Roses (Loach, 2000), we can be witness to have class distinction between them.

Although there were many ideologies of different types of classes in Bread and Roses; in fact, we can see crucial problems on working class such as financial problems of immigrants, lack of union rights, rebellions.

Immigrations have influences on working class which is symbolized as immigrants who have financial problems, in Bread and Roses, in a number of different ways. Firstly, women immigrants are seen as sexual need by upper-class man. Referring to Bread and Roses Ted Parks states that "During the exchange, we learn that Rosa got Maya the job by sleeping with the abusive company supervisor Pérez, a bitter echo of an earlier time in Tijuana when prostitution was the only way Rosa could keep her family fed" (Parks, 2001, p.17). Pérez wants to make use of women's weaknesses because he...