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4.2.5 Discuss: Your Thoughts on the Readings LaTarra Gilbert

The mood of the novel, "Things Fall Apart", is conveyed within the passages of the story. The bigger tone of the story is a sense of loss and tragedy. "Things Fall Apart", has very depressing imagery. The story, as a whole, is about the downfall of Okonkwo. The evidence we see that tragedy follows Okonkwo everywhere is from Okonkwo being exiled to him hanging himself. Despite the villagers' strong faith and depressing lives, they somehow found a way to enjoy life and a loss of their inhibitions. During the festivities and weddings, people were filled with joy. They feel a sense of greatness and celebration during the Week of Peace. Although the mood of the story is mostly depressing and chaotic, the author managed to show a sense of happiness and enjoyment in his story "Things Fall Apart".