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Jane Sosik

Mr. Hier

English 10 Honors 2523-01

10 October 2014

Vocabulary Words

Accession (noun)- coming into the possession of a certain right, title; an increase of something added or joined

Antonym- reduction

Example: An accession of ten new people joined the football team.

Bona fide (adjective)- genuine; real; made in good faith, without fraud

Antonym- counterfeit, false

Example: Because the man had lied about having a medical degree, he was not a bona fide doctor.

Bonanza (noun)- a sudden source of great wealth or luck

Antonym- loss

Example: He let a ten thousand dollar lottery bonanza slip through his fingers at the casinos.

Bounteous (adjective)- giving freely; generously; abundant

Antonym- scarce

Example: The apple tree was extremely bounteous for the abundant number of apples it grew each year.

Capitulation (noun)- to surrender under certain terms, give up

Antonym- conquer

Example: If Henry does not capitulate and turn himself in to authorities, he will spend the rest of his life running from the police.

Carnage (noun)-the slaughter of a great number of people, as in a battle

Antonym- civility, peace

Example: The soldier was devastated at the carnage on the battle fields after the war.

Carnivorous (adjective)- flesh-eating, as an animal

Antonym- herbivorous

Example: A lion is carnivorous because of its ability to hunt and eat gazelle.

Incarnate (adjective)- embodied in flesh; flesh-colored

Antonym- disincarnate, disembodied

Example: David is so ruthless and evil, I'd swear he is an incarnation of the devil.

Intercede (verb)- to act or impose on someone else; mediate

Antonym- immigrant, aggravate

Example: The teacher will have to intercede in the dispute between the two children, and soon they will be playing happily again.

Precedent (noun/adjective)- an earlier event or decision; prior

Antonym- following,

Example: The judges...