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Name Austin-Michael Komatz Period/Date Period 8/9A

Directions: Read the description of this relationship. Then answer the questions about the relationship.

Antonio and Miriam are proud that they have dated almost two years. They met in middle school but didn't fall in love until the 10th grade. Miriam and Antonio spend lots of time together and talk about lots of different things.

Over the years, Antonio has learned never to talk about past girlfriends or even girls who are friends. Miriam is very jealous and has a fit if she thinks Antonio is around any female other than his sister and mother. At first, Antonio thought Miriam would get over feeling insecure when he showed her how much he cared about her. He was even flattered that she wanted all of his attention. Antonio tried to talk to Miriam about her behavior a couple of times, but she got so angry she threatened to break up with him.

Antonio depends on Miriam to make most of the decisions in the relationship. She sometimes even tells him what he should wear to school and on dates. Antonio can always count on Miriam to tell him what to do when a major decision must be made. Miriam picked his elective courses for the current school year so they could have several classes together.

Both Antonio and Miriam have other friends and spend time with their families. They have part-time jobs and use the money for clothes and dates. Miriam even set up a bank account, so they can start saving up money to get married some day.

1. What are the healthy characteristics of this relationship? The healthy characteristics of this relationship are that they are planning for their future, and that they spend a lot of time together.

2. What are...