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Introduction: Dr.S.Radhakrishnan was one of the most distinguished men of India. From a humble origin, he rose to hold the highest office in India. In him we see a rare combination of Indian tradition and scientific thinking. Dr.Radhakrishnan has contributed much to the cause of education in our country. In this essay he points out the importance of the right kind of education for the youth of the country. He looks at the needs of India as related to education in a perspective that is historical, political, economic, philosophic and religious. Challenges facing our Country: Political freedom has brought us a great opportunity. It has brought us the sacred responsibility of building up a new India which will be free from want and disease and the curse of caste and creed. Our country is passing through a great revolutionary period in human history.

It is facing a many sided challenge, political and economic, social and cultural. Education is the means by which our youth can be trained to face this great challenge and build the new India of our dreams. The Constructive Side of Science: Dr.Radhakrishnan believes that scientific and technological studies develop in us an attitude of tolerance, freedom from prejudice and hospitality to new ideas. Only by developing our heart and intelligence and our own moral values can we save the world from total destruction. If we do so, science can lead us to such a degree of material wealth as has never before been possible in human history. But this will be possible only if we develop our moral values and take the right judgments. The Real Aim of Education: Any satisfactory system of education should aim at a balanced growth of the...