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Recently, entertainment has become popular in many countries. Many people have their own idols and inevitably imitate the idols' style. The effect of idolization can be both positive and negative for society. This essay will illustrate the advantage of idolization which is good role model and the disadvantage of negative self-behavior.

First of all, the young people can learn good behavior from good famous role model. Most of people have role model who we admire and follow their way and principles. It is a great way of motivation to achieve great heights. Some artists might join some activities such as charity events. Their fans may follow their idol to join the events, it is easily for teenagers to learn about the value of helping others and participate more in worthwhile causes. Period of time, it will built up a harmonious society. So, idolization can bring positive effect for young people to learn good behavior.

On the other hand, there are some negative effects for teenagers. Firstly, some teenagers are more likely to listen the words of their favorite celebrities than their own parents. The opportunities of learning bad behavior have been increased. For example, many celebrities do not make a secret of alcohol or drug abuse due to an overdose in media might make the teenagers feel that using these substances is acceptable. Also, celebrities who are super skinny can alter child's self-image and might contribute to an eating disorder or low self-esteem. So, it is obvious to see that idolization create wrong value for the teenagers.

Moreover, the teenagers have become more concern about material objects. Some teenagers are confused as to who they are and who they want to be. Most teenagers look up what is popular for ideas. This is where celebrities have the most influence.