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What if? I never actually wondered what it would be like if my mother had not existed. Who would wake me up for school every morning? Who would have breakfast ready for me every single morning? Who would help me with my financial woes that I have to deal with at such a young age. Who would have taken care of me my whole life? While reading Quindlen's Mothers these thought went racing through my head for the first time in my life.

My mother has raised me basically my whole life. My parents got a divorce when I was at a young age, and my dad never seemed to be there for me. He went off frolocking with some younger bitch, and he left his family stranded. So what if something had happened to my mother? Would he have deserted me and my sister, and showed any love and support that a father should? Or, would he have worried about what bitch he was going to fuck every night? Do not get me wrong, my dad was a very fun dad, and we had many good times together.

He was just lacking in the responsibility department. So it makes me wonder if my mom was not around, who would have been there for me? And how different would my life be now? Would I be living in the same house? If I was not then all of my friends and my girlfriend would probably be completely erased from my life. It is crazy to think about.

During Quindlen's Mothers she wonders if her mother were still around, if they would would be sharing good times together, or if they would have much of a relationship at all. My mother and I have never had much of a personal relationship.