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Family. That one word can say a lot. Everyone has a family, whether it consists of a mom, dad and siblings or just a group of really close friends. Many people have both types of families, I am fortunate enough to have both. Even though I am lucky enough to have been given such a great life, I always wonder how different my life would be…had I not been adopted.

I am 19 going on 20-years-old; I have been adopted since I was 2 weeks old. My biological parents were 15 and 16-years-old when I was born. I also have an older brother who is adopted as well, not from the same biological parents though. Even my mom is adopted. My parents made sure that they always told my brother and me that we were adopted. They kept telling us until we were old enough to understand what it meant.

Even though none of us are blood-related, I think we are more close to each other than most other families are.

Now I am definitely not saying that other families are not close, but I think that the closeness in my family is a little different than most. For instance, whenever my parents throw a party at our house, and my mom gets a little intoxicated, her and I will start booty dancing together…in front of everyone. We often have little playful fights where we will start cussing at each other and my dad starts freaking out, telling me that I should not speak to my mother that way. My mom usually says to him, “Charles, shut up, we are having fun.” I am definitely more close to my mom than my dad, and I think my brother is too. It has nothing to do with liking...