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If I could go back in time and change a decision that I had made it would be the time I decided to change schools my senior year. This decision was made because I relocated with my parents to a place that was about an hour ride from my high school. My mother gave me the choose to either travel back and forth every day, or transfer out my senior year. I decided to transfer out because I knew that my mother would be worry about me traveling at that distance every day. And not only that, I also played sports so that consisted of me traveling home at different times of the night.

Having made that decision I often see myself having regrets because I did not graduate with my class. Calvary Academy, which was the high school that I attended, was such a life searching experience for me.

By this I mean, I came to have a relationship with the Lord. I learned a lot about the person that I am today. This high school, the students, as well as the teachers made such an impact on my life that by me having to have the decision to leave all that to make my mother not worry was really hard. But I decided to think about my mother first, then myself.

I find myself thinking about how would, it ave been if I never transferred? Would my life be more interesting? Would I have still been playing sports because of my coaches and teammates positive influence? Would I have had a scholarship to a four-year university? All these questions are always on my mind. I always see myself thinking about that because I know if I had stayed I would have had some scholarship of some sort that had to do with sports.

When anyone would see me, play basketball, they could see the love that I had for the game. I knew I had this love because regardless of the car accident that I had that senior year, I still played at parks, in my front yard, and with my cousins. When I went to my therapist, she told me that would not ne able to play sports. Hearing that news devastated me. I told her that no one or nothing would stop me from playing sports especially basketball. She told me to try to play. I did but that was around the time that I had to transfer. So here I am in another high school not knowing anyone, which was ok with me because I knew that I was a people person. So I hear that I missed the try outs for the basketball team and that there first game was at home. I go to their game. While watching them play my heart beat started to race and my hands were making the motions as if I was the one dribbling the ball. I went home crying because I wanted to play ball so bad. So I started to think about what if I never transferred, I could be playing right now. I would have been doing something that I loved doing. But I guess things happen for a reason, is what I have learned to live with. But I will always have the question on my mind what if . . . ?