If Men Menstrated

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Ivers 1

Lauren Ivers

Women's Studies

Professor Platts

5 May 2014

What If Men Menstruated?

It is known as the "time of the month", Mother Nature's monthly gift, "Aunt Flow"; to most women, it is simply known as her period--this dreaded week of the month when it feels like someone is stabbing you in the ovaries. A man who has been with a woman will tell you that he knows what it is like when a woman is on her period, "Women are hormonal and B****Y!" Even if men do deal with women on their periods they will never have a full understanding of what it is like to menstruate. What if they could? What if men did menstruate? I for one would love to see a man on his period. I do believe that "time of the month" would be viewed extremely differently. It would not be so feared by society, men would embrace it.

It would become a bragging fest. If men menstruated, society's opinion on the period would change immensely, and it would become cool to be on your period.

Women's Voices Feminist Visions provides an article written by Gloria Steinem entitled "If Men Could Menstruate." In the article, Steinem states that menstruation would become an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event (238). I as a woman view my period as something just the opposite. It is not something that I want to go around sharing with all my friends. You don't see me or many woman bragging to our friends that we use plus size tampons. Our period is a personal and nonpublic matter; something that we keep to ourselves. Men on the other hand would handle the situation completely differently. It would become a brag fest if men got their period, "Street guys would brag ('I'm a...