If to only be with you

Essay by brittini3High School, 12th grade April 2007

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If to only be with youIf to only be with youWould complete my life and soulIf to only be with youAll my worries would turn to stoneIf to only be in your armsWould grant forever lasting happinessI hold on forever never leavingTill the leaving meets the goneTo the gone the soul shall goTo the end of timeThis soul shall knowThe one once lovedWho everybody knowsBut If to only be with youShall my soul live onMy soul shall be set freeWithin the heart of theThe love and soul of my beingThe being I once would beHeld up on a rope so highOnly a Vamp could beBe alive after the fallTo the ground straight from the wallInto the halls of deafening silenceThroughout the halls there blessed beThis is one of my most recent poems I would like to know what you all think. Also if you have any information that could help let me know and I will take it into thought.

Also if you could give me any ideas for me to write about that would be great...Thank You and I hope you like it.