If only you could see me now, mom.

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Dear Mom,

Hey mom. How are you? I miss you do you know that? Why did you leave mom, why did you have to go? We were only young mom, Natasha, Chris and I when you left us on that leaf all those weeks ago. Were you ashamed or angry because of the way we looked? Did you leave because of me? Come back please mom I've changed I'm different now.

You left us on that leaf in that rainforest exactly five weeks and four days ago while we were only tiny larvae. It was tough at the start, we had to defend ourselves against all predators. That's why Larry didn't make it mom , the lizards got him. We progressed into childhood releasing our full potential as caterpillars, living life to the full, the usual having fun, making friends ,but I always felt something was missing and didn't realise it was you until I was older.

Natasha and Chris did fine, both were very independent and full of confidence but I could see the pain in their eyes when friends talked about their moms. That was the one topic where they withdrew into themselves thinking they were worthless and non-existent because you left them. How does that make you feel mom?

Anyway that's how I think it was easier for us to curl up into our cocoon when the time came. It gave us a chance to think about you, why you left us, did you have a good reason or not? The time I spent in that cocoon was peaceful, relaxing, something I had never experienced before because I always had to look out for my siblings, your own flesh and blood.

Emerging from that cocoon I felt like a whole new species of life. It opened my...