If Others Were Asked to Judge Me, What Would They

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My references will be for entrance into dental school, which has been my lifelong dream. My professors will descibe me as an excellent student, a good scientist and a curious and innovative thinker. With a dual major in chemistry and physicis, I will be highly visible in the Clarke Science building, taking classes, conducting research and writing original papers on my findings.

As a legacy at Dartmouth, I will follow in my mother's footsteps by pledging the Tri-Delt sorority. I will also support her favorite charity, the Big Sister program on campus, befriending young women in the local community. I plan to form strong personal friendships with my classmates, sorority sisters, fellow volunteers and little sisters. I am sure they will remember me as a smart girl with a big heart, a spirited sense of humor and a soft spot for 70's disco music.

A highly motivated self-starter, I give 110% to everything I do.

My goal is to positively influence every life I touch, both personally and academically. My references will confirm this sincerity and highly recommend me for whatever dental program I choose.