If it were in your power to change anything about the U.S. Constitution or U.S. Government (powers, structure, etc.) what would you change and why?

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The United States today has too many issues to be covered and too many problems to solve, but as a full time student, if I were to have the power I may wish to have a better education policy in this country.

Education basically is investment. Providing education is helping people acknowledged with the world around them, fitting them into the ever changing world, and most importantly getting them prepared for a career of a profession. A strong education for the society means a strong economy, and therefore a strong nation.

For now public education in the States is processing consistently but college education is still somewhat unapproachable for some people. The world is changing rapidly, and many jobs rely on new technology so more jobs require education beyond high school. With a college education an individual will have more jobs from which to choose. Educated people are employed at higher rates and with greater consistency.

For example, according to the July 2003 employment report from the U.S. Department of Labor, those persons with less than a high school degree are more than three times as likely to be unemployed as bachelor's degree recipients. Therefore a college education is almost a requirement to get a decent job these days. Going to community colleges is a good choice for those who cannot afford expensive university's tuition fee, but a degree from community colleges is never as promising. Everybody deserves to be educated for their own future and thus they can devote more for the society. The U.S government should consider a more open education policy on college tuition fee, or even better, follow some European countries to give it for free. In Germany, Norway, Finland, etc almost all of the universities are for free. Students only have to pay for...