If you could be granted one wish

Essay by bizkits August 2007

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If you could be granted one wish, what would you wish for? What benefits would your wish bring?

A wish, another wish and another. That is what most people will wish for. They only wish for their own benefits but never think of others. For me, I would like the world to be the original mother-nature.

As time goes by, new technology is being created to help man in their daily lives. Everything have their Pros and Cons. Just like driving a car, it is so convenient. Start the engine and you are off. But the fuel to run cars actually pollutes the air. This causes global warming. A person cannot do much, a group cannot do much either but with almost everyone in the world owning a car and using it frequently is just like how the Nazis massacre the Jews. Torturing them and then killing them. Even with better technology, our nature cannot be restored to its original state.

Who could have the chance to see the green plains, see the wild animals fight, feel the trees breathing and the river calm flow to the ocean? Natural disasters like floods are caused because of the melting of iceberg from the north-pole, droughts are all caused by global warming. The trees we cut down today, will prevent us to live another day longer.

The original mother-nature would make us feel less troubled about an end of the world. There are televisions shows and even movies on possibilities of what will happen and when it will happen if we continue to harm nature. Animals will get extinct, next will be us humans. Something must be done, even if we cut down the use of cars a little will help save nature. This little contribution will let us see...