If you had four extra hours per day, what would yo

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u do with it? I would devote four extra hours each day to my family, especially by infant son, Jesse. He was born during my year-long internship in China, and I missed the joy of his birth the first three precious months of his life. My wife sent as many photos and videotapes as possible, and she wrote wonderful emails that chronicled his daily activities. Yet nothing compares to the magic of being in Jesse's presence and being an integral part of his everyday life.

The greatest joy of my life was the first day I met Jesse at the Los Angeles airport. He and my wife waited hours for my delayed flight, eager for our small family unit to finally be complete. Although my first glance at his sweet face is forever etched into my memory, Jesse's initial response wasn't as enthusiastic. He cried, fussed and couldn't be consoled by his father, who was a virtual stranger to him.

Fortunately, we've bonded since then, spending nearly every evening and weekend together, playing and getting to know each other. I promised my wife that I would never leave them again for any reason, and I fully intend to honor that promise.

Any additional time in my schedule, whether five minutes or four hours, belongs to my wife and Jesse. Professional success is sweet, but not nearly as important as the continual love and support of my family.